...to everyone who made a donation on our Kickstarter site.  Our goal is to finish the film in digital form so that it can go to film festivals, and to HBO Europe afterwards. We have had some exciting interest from theatrical distributors too.  Your help green lights our film and makes the difference!

Our Kickstarter drive ended on March 5, 2013.  But as we continue to gather funds to do post-production, we invite you to pledge a gift to “Surviving in L.A.” and become part of our family.

Here are some of the outstanding rewards we are offering for your participation:

$10 - Hey, thank you! You are actually taking a movie from oblivion and putting it out there to be seen. That is huge. Our sincere thank you on our website and Facebook page.

$25 - You're a part of our team. We'd like to keep you informed about our progress through festivals, distribution, and awards with a subscription to Primitive Dog's digital newsletter which gives weekly progress of the film. Plus our big thank you!

$40 - You're first in line. You receive the first copy of the DVD of the completed movie. You will have the autograph of the director, plus all the above gifts, to say that you're part of the "Surviving in L.A." family.

$75 - Yes, we have a Primitive Dog T-shirt. The name of our company came from a small theater group and it stuck. We have some great T-shirts which are just a token of saying, you made a movie happen. Receive this as well as the above gifts.

$200 - Our CD original soundtrack of "Surviving in L.A." includes a host of unknown but amazingly talented L.A. singer-songwriters. You will love the music, I guarantee you, and beginning with this CD, you can follow their career. You receive the CD with this donation, as well as the above gifts.

$500 - This is an opportunity FOR YOU to participate creatively in the film process. If you are interested in editing, come help our editor for a day in post. Have your original song considered for the film. Have a day with the director working on the final cut. Meet the people behind the scenes and get YOUR FIRST SCREEN CREDIT doing what you want to do, depending on your skill set.

$1,000 - The producers of "Surviving in L.A." issue a special invitation to you to the film's premiere. AND come to the Awards with us, whatever we win! This film has powerful acting performances, it could be in the running for major film industry awards. It's funny and it's very dramatic, it could win a major nomination for Robert Walden or Valarie Pettiford or the rest of this gifted cast. Free tickets for you and a friend - be there and be part of film history. Join us and meet and greet the film's stars. This is our big moment and we want you there with us. This includes all the above gifts.


To become a donor, press the paypal button to pay with your credit or debit card at your own desired amount.

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We would like to thank the donors who have already contributed to “Surviving in L.A.”  Through your magnificent help, this movie is being finished.

Donna Harvey
Lesley Steele
Lori Gulotta
Steve Taylor
Kathleen Faulstich
Dina Routhier
Michael Lennox
Marilyn Berney
Sonia Rodriguez
Sharon McCormick
Janet Richmond
Jeffrey Marcus
Carol Osborn
Yaniv Rokah
Joe Abdo
Paola Panni
Paul Rasmusson
Violet Ho
Erin McKeever
Julie Lancaster
Megumi Hatta-Winterford
Eileen Marcus
Joanie Ahuna
Deryl Carroll
Marcia Hayden
Kineret Sherman
Lulu Flippin
Doreen Traub
Ann Weathers
Michele Lujan
Alison Gainor
Anne Carley
Eveline Maedel
John Parks
Bill Rothbard
Porsha Mills
Emily Hu
April Scharer
Yoonsin Park
Lori LaForme
Brian Carey
Peggy and John Sherman
Dana Dvorak
Dina Benadon
Georgea Muschel
Suraj Khalsa
Judy Youmans
Lew and Clare Shomer
Emily Hackett
Mark Hackett
Tamera Lawrence
Belle Zwerdling
Helen Alksnys
Amber York
Terrie Barna
Brian Ferguson
Mia Souvannarath
Cynthia Sands
Suzan Znoy
Marise and Melanie Mathews
Harry Burleigh
Shelley Kresak
Melissa Aparicio
Michelle Spakowski
Cindy Maki
Fiorella Nadin
Jeannie Kraieski-Anderson
Virginia Hummel
Jessica Porter
Stephen Muzzonigro
Julie Loncar
Debbie Zan
James Kimes
Jefter Martins
Nancy Allen
Tom Meshelski
Indre White
Zack Weinstein
Joyce Fishman
Christine Dobbings
Will Sherman
Rich Sabine
Mark Blair
Joan Thornton
Joie Shettler
Laura Doverspike
Francine Vincent
Patti Hawn
Elizabeth McGrath
Elizabeth Geraghty
Barbara Oldham
David Kennedy
Steve Martinez